Our Southern Style Gazebo and Beautiful Wedding Chapel are ready..

We’ll design a one-of-a-kind wedding just for you. 


    Our Mission is to provide a clean and beautifully landscaped and natural outdoor setting for prospective wedding couples and their guests. We also provide a beautiful air-conditioned Chapel that seats 25. Our focus is placed upon the bride and groom, by providing a most romantic, positive, intimate and memorable wedding ceremony at affordable prices. 

    Our Goal is to be a cut above other wedding chapels by providing higher quality service and more desirable options. We keep our costs lower than our competition, not only because our overhead might be lower, but we further understand that couples starting out rarely have the finances to spend on an expensive wedding.
    Bearing this in mind, Gazebo Weddings will save you extra dollars to put toward your home and other family expenses. Our personalized weddings for a couple start at just $85.00, plus many other special packages and options (see Packages). We may be inexpensive, but we’re not cheap. You will get the highest quality service any wedding chapel can and will provide.

Our Mission and Goal


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